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I want to share some valuable resources that you can use to further your knowledge of using the Argus software or if you want to get certified.

If you are looking into taking the 3 day course and exam, but don’t want to spend upwards to $1,000  you can contact your local university.  Try contacting the head of the Real Estate Department and ask if they will be offering the certification course.  They usually get grants and the class, exam, and 6 month of software subscription will run about $300.  This also includes the step by step book in addition to networking with other real estate professionals.  The class typically goes from 8-5 Fri-Sun and half day for testing on Monday morning.

You can also contact Jill Newton who is the Certification Manager at Argus, she travels all over the US teaching the Argus certification course.  Her email is

This video shows you how to download a trial version of the Argus software

Here are some sites I found that offers additional advance training not found in the 3 day certification course.

If you are located in Orange County/Los Angeles, you can take a course at UCLA through their extension program which is open to anyone

At Cal State Fullerton, you can contact Dr. Michael LaCour-Little , he runs the Argus certification program and can get you in if there are seats available.

At UCI, you can contact the Merage Real Estate Association for their next upcoming training seminar

I recently got certified and I felt the class was too accelerated and not enough material was covered.  I took tons of notes and have reviewed the training manual, but the software has such a learning curve that you have to continue to use it or you’ll lose it.  I will continue to update this posts as I find more resources.